Nowhere is safe

Nowhere is safe

So we had to visit small-town Manitoba on Friday for a joint Advertising and Journalism assignment. 

My group ended up going to the City of Morden, and of course I was excited! 


Because I haven’t gotten any free stuff in Morden before! 

So we went to the Shoppers in town, and I got free razors, yay!

‘Skinny Basic’ cable packages launch in Canada

‘Skinny Basic’ cable packages launch in Canada

Canadians now have access to ‘Skinny Basic’ cable television packages thanks to new CRTC regulations that kicked in this week. 

Now, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers must offer a slimmed-down basic package that has local channels, and must-carry channels. They can also choose to offer American and educational channels, however they aren’t required. These packages can cost at most $25, however providers are allowed to add equipment rental fees to these plans. 

For example, in Winnipeg MTS offers 24-unique channels in its skinny basic package, including:

  • Local stations: CBWFT, CBWT, CKY, CKND, CHMI, and CIIT
  • American ‘big 4+1’ networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS
  • Other channels include: The Weather Network, APTN, and AMItv, along with several french language channels. 

A full listing of MTS’s skinny basic package is available here

Interestingly, RDI (the French equivalent of CBC News Network) is included in the skinny basic, while CBC News Network is not. However, the CRTC only requires that the minority language network be carried in a majority-language market. 

Another thing to note, the new skinny basic packaging may not be the ideal choice for sports fans as the five TSN channels are not included in the skinny basic package, and must be ordered separately at an additional cost.

The rollout of skinny basic packages is the first of two major transitions for the cable industry this year. Later this year, providers will be required to offer all their channels unbundled, offering consumers the chance to ‘pick-and-pay’ for only the channels they want to subscribe to. 

Festival du Voyageur 2016, in Photos

Festival du Voyageur 2016, in Photos

Festival du Voyageur is an annual 10-day event that celebrates Manitoba’s French-Canadian history.

For a class assignment, I had to go to Festival du Voyageur armed with my camera, and lots of mittens to take photos of what was going on at the festival.

I went in the evening of February 14, 2015. I saw the sculptures, listened to some live music (including French rapping, which I did not understand, but sounded cool), rode a toboggan, and climbed a mountain of snow.  (more…)

It can pay to complain on Twitter

It can pay to complain on Twitter

Recently, I had bought a bake-at-home Delissio Pizza. When I went to go cook it, I opened the box to put it on the sheet, where I noticed that there was hardly any pineapple on the thing.

I was disappointed, but still hungry… so I snapped a pic, tweeted it out to @Delissio, and put the pizza in the oven.

When I woke up in the morning, I saw that I had a response from them asking me to DM them, and when I did they asked for some product info like where I bought it and the lot code. When I replied, they then asked for an address so they could send me a coupon to make up for the disappointing pizza.

Later that week, I had a coupon for a free pizza in my mailbox!

Kudos, Delissio.

Organizing the haul

Organizing the haul

  The time has finally came for me to organize my sockpile. I had two tables full of stuff downstairs and was running out of room to put anything downstairs. 

So I moved everything upstairs and into my main stockpile. 

Everything is nicely organized now, and I have realized I have a lifetime supply of tooth floss! 

Now, I just need a way to get some more free shelves! 

Biggest one-day haul ever!

Biggest one-day haul ever!

On Sunday I was around St. Vital and had to kill some time, sp like any normal person would do, I went to Shoppers. 

What a good idea that was!

I went to only three Shoppers and came out with around $300 in free stuff!  

I think I have enough tooth floss  and baby wipes to last me a lifetime!