Cash Back Apps: Modernizing Couponing

Cash Back Apps: Modernizing Couponing

While it’s known people can use coupons at the cash register, a new savings method has emerged that uses your smart phone instead of paper to save. 

They’re called cash back apps, and there are a bunch of them. Some of the most popular are Checkout 51, Zweet, and Snap by Groupon

These apps don’t work the same way traditional coupons do. Instead of having to clip the paper coupons before you head to the store, you upload your receipt to the app after you’re paid and claim cash back on items that have offers on them.

The offers are usually similar to what you’ll find in the traditional paper coupon inserts. One advantage to using the cash back apps is that they often will have a selection of offers on fresh products, something that is almost unheard of with traditional coupons. 

Offers screen on the Checkout 51 app.

Offers screen on the Checkout 51 app.

Another great thing with these cash back apps is you can usually combine the online offers with traditional paper coupons, allowing you to double dip on savings. Using this method, I have collected many free bottles of body wash and sticks of deodorant.

There is one drawback to using the electronic coupons. You don’t receive your money back instantly. Once your receipt is accepted, the funds are added to your app account, and you can only cash it out once you hit a certain threshold. For example, Checkout 51 requires $20 in the account before you can cash out. Once you hit the threshold, you can have a cheque mailed to you with your earnings. 

I have received a couple of cheques from my preferred app, Checkout 51, and they have all arrived and the funds all cleared!

While I don’t see electronic cash back apps overtaking coupons anytime soon, they are a valuable item in any savvy shoppers tool belt. 

Are you using a cash back app already, or do you prefer paper coupons? Let me know in the comment section below or tweet me @DJSawchuk.


  1. Teach me your ways gypsy!
    I hope to one day be as coupon savvy as you and get paid to bring home toothpaste.
    I just downloaded Checkout 51. I can’t wait to receive my first cheque and likely frivoulously spend it.

    • I shall!

      I will attempt to squeeze my coupon binder (Yes I have a binder, just like on the show) into my overloaded backpack tomorrow so I can show you!



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