I Love Hearing “Price Check on Register One”

I Love Hearing “Price Check on Register One”

What is your reaction when you’re at a cash register and as the cashier is scanning you see price at the till is higher than what that shelf said?

I do a happy dance. 

Why, You may ask?

There is a policy observed by most Canadian retailers that means that if the price that an item scans for at the register is higher than the price on the shelf, the item is free, up to $10. If the item is over $10, then the customer receives $10 off the correct (lower) price. 

It’s called the Scanner Price Accuracy Code, managed by the Retail Council of Canada. It is a voluntary code, but retailers must honour the code once they sign up. 

Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Giant Tiger, Safeway, Sobeys and most other major retailers all abide by the Scanner Price Accuracy Code. 

Stores will have this sign posted on with the tills or door when they are a signatory to the Scanner Price Accuracy Code. 

Scanners Price Accuracy Code Sign found at participating retailers (From retail Council of Canada)

Scanners Price Accuracy Code Sign found at participating retailers (From Retail Council of Canada)

In practice, many cashiers at these stores do not know that the Scanner Price Accuracy Code exists or how to perform it. So be prepared to tell them about it and show them the sign explaining it that is usually located near their register. The burden is on the customer to ask for the code to be applied, meaning you have to ask for the free item, otherwise you’ll be stuck paying the shelf price.

Always watch the screen when the cashier is ringing up your items, and if you notice any errors point them out! It benefits you in the form of free stuff, and saves other customers from being overcharged by stores.


  1. Do cashiers ever argue with you about this? Like, personally I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, or seen it done, so I assume it’s not a particularly common practice.

    • All the time. You usually have to explain the policy to them and correct them when they try to just change the price to the one on the shelf. It’s not well known, and the stores usually just try to give it for the lower price so they don’t lose out. But next time you’re at the store look around and you will probably see one of those signs somewhere near the cashiers.

  2. Take me with you next time please. I might even buy you Burger King haha


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