Hitting a Couponing Slump

Hitting a Couponing Slump

Recently I have been in a bit of a coupon slump.

While in the past, I’ve told you about electronic couponing, my preferred method is still paper coupons. 

But the recent inserts have either been non-existent or just plain terrible. 

I haven’t gotten a new P&G Brand Saver in over two months, and the Smart Source coupon book has been absolutely terrible lately. I mean, how many diaper coupons can a guy with no children need?

It has left my coupon binder empty as the older coupons start expiring, and I haven’t found a spectacular couponing deal in a few weeks. 

As a matter of fact, my latest haul didn’t even use a coupon! I bought around 30 bottles of my favourite brand of hand soap from Dollar Tree after it was discontinued because it contains micro beads. They were only $1.25 each, much lower than they have ever been before – so that is the good news. 

Here’s to hoping that a Brand Saver insert will pop into my mailbox next week!

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  1. A (clean) diaper, placed in the bottom of a flower pot “receiving side” up, will absorb water and allow you to go longer between waterings. Just in case you wanted to take advantage of that diaper coupon. 😉


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