Reviewing Dollar Store Selfie Sticks

Reviewing Dollar Store Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks, or narcisticks, have become a popular part of our culture. 

The problem is, they are usually quite expensive. 

However, there are some cheaper alternatives available at Dollarama and Dollar Tree.

But, are they worth your money?


Narcistick #1 

  • Dollar Tree
  • $1.25

This selfie stick is the smallest of the three, and comes without any packaging. Also, this is the only one that has a bendable pole instead of a plastic attachment that moves. 

This selfie stick was the most-disappointing of the three. I found that the bendable pole could not properly support the wight of my phone and would bend mid-photo, ruining the shot. Also, the phone mount is not secured properly to the arm, meaning it shakes frequently. 

This stick is also the shortest-reaching, so you won’t be able to take as wide of selfies as the alternate sticks. 

I would not recommend this selfie stick, and instead recommend one of the other two mentioned in this post as they aren’t much more expensive, but are much higher quality.


Narcistick #2

  • Dollarama
  • $3.00

This selfie stick is probably the nicest package of the three. It is in the middle of the three in terms of arm length. It features a plastic attachment to angle the camera, instead of a bendable pole. 

This is the middle of the road selfie stick, and does it’s job quite well. It holds the weight of a phone fine without fear of it smashing into the ground. 

Interestingly, this selfie stick is the ‘generic selfie stick’ you will find at a whole bunch of retailers usually selling for around $15. For $3, its a steal of a deal and was too good to pass up. 

I use one of these as part of my ‘ghetto-prompter, having attached a camera and iPad to it to make a teleprompter-like device. The phone bracket detaches, so you can mount a camera directly to the pole if you want to. 


Narcistick #3

  • Dollarama
  • $3.00

This is by far the best of the dollar store selfie sticks on the market today. It has the longest pole of the three I studied, and also features a detachable phone mount and has a button to remotely control the phones shutter, something none of the others has. 

When you use this selfie stick, you attach a cord that comes embedded in the pole to the audio jack on your phone which connects to a button at the base which when pressed, activates the shutter on your phone, capturing a picture. 

This selfie stick is the best of the three that I have found, and I would recommend it if you’re in the mood for a selfie stick, and for $3, it’s not going to break the bank. 


Election coverage selfie! #elxn42 #selfie #local19

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Photo taken with Narcistick #3

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