Free coupon book for students

Free coupon book for students

Students, there is a new FREE coupon book out that can save you money. 

It’s called “Study Break 2015-2016,” and it is available at college and university campuses in Winnipeg. 

The book is full of coupons that are only for students, including:

  • $5 off at Boston Pizza
  • Free bowling at Alpine Lanes
  • 20% off at Barley Brothers
  • Free cover charge at Across The Board Games

Check with your Students’ Association at your school, and if they don’t have any left you can call 204-477-4219 to ask the company for one free of charge. 


  1. Thanks for the advice buhd. I should pick on of those up so I can take a study break at Across the Board.

  2. I still can’t thank you enough for pointing these out!


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