Total Retail: $500, Total Paid $0

Total Retail: $500, Total Paid $0

This winter break I made it my mission to get as much free stuff as I could. I used the Scanner Price Accuracy Code (SCOP) to get all these product for free. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Scanner Price Accuracy Code is a policy retailers came up with to ensure that the price listed on the shelf is the price paid at the register. 

The problem is, retailers seem to do a terrible job at keeping their tags up to date. 

To get this free stuff, I would walk through a SCOP-participating retailer and look for old sale tags from the previous week that the store didn’t take down and then bring them to the register. Inevitably these items would scan in at the higher price and I would request the price check and end up getting it FREE!!!

The cashiers hate me. 

However, I did collect almost $500 worth of free products over a few short weeks. I got loads of soaps, and shampoos, paper plates, snacks, Winnipeg Jets merch, razors and even tampons all for free!

It pays to watch your prices at the register. 

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