Creative Communications students are required to design their own project that will last the entire second year. I chose to do a podcast called ‘My Frugal Life.’

As you can guess, the podcast was about my frugal life. Each week, I interviewed prominent bloggers and chatted with different organizations about how Canadians can save money.

Each episode began with a welcome and introduction of the weeks topic, then went into a recap of the week’s biggest frugal related news headlines. The interview took up most of the rest of the show, with interviews bing edited down to fit the 30 minute time limit of the podcast. At the end of each episode, I produced a ‘Deal Alerts’ segment, where I would go through some of the best deals of the week compiled from flyers and other online sources.

In total, there were 12 episodes of the podcast produced.

Here are some example episodes:

In addition to hosting the show on a weekly basis, I also maintained the podcast’s blog and social media accounts where I would share deals, relevant news articles, and interact with guests and listeners.