Social Media Videos

At ENERGY 106 and HOT 100.5, I have become the ‘video kid,’ putting together videos for the stations’ social media accounts. Here are some examples I am particularly proud of.

This video was made to celebrate Manitoba’s birthday. I filmed, edited, and designed all the graphics for this video which is designed to resemble a sports highlight reel.

This video is from when ‘Sam The Intern’ stopped by the station to fulfil her promise to intern for the day for Ed Sheeran tickets. All the footage was filmed over the course of the hour-long internship, and edited down to be shared on social media.

This video was made to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in the Summer of 2017. I was tasked with editing together interviews our on-air personalities filmed in various locations around Winnipeg. In this video, I filmed the announcers at the beginning and end, and designed all of the motion graphics including the HOT 100.5 intro.